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The MOTHER of all planners. And….it’s FREE

TGIF! That’s how I feel on this snowy, slippery, cold Friday morning. Forecast of -20 degrees over night (Brrrrr….). To rewind for a moment, I remember seeing numerous bloggers out there discussing their choices of planners and notebooks for the new year. I even read about some folks anticipating their arrival of the Passion Planner post Kickstarter completion. And because free is good, frugal, and well…FREE I thought I would share this: Passion Planner. You can use (download) the Passion Planner for FREE.
WARNING: for those who are planners and list makers (like me), this appears to be the MOTHER of all planners!  Journal, sketchbook, gratitude log, goal setting guide, to-do list, quotes, weekly & daily focuses…that’s a LOT.

If you are not a planner enthusiast but like to get *IT* done, I recommend Toodeldo with its new ‘productivity’ suite. I think apps are  great, but will admit I prefer old-fashioned pen and paper and am an avid user of the Moleskin 18 month weekly planner (been using them for years).  While Moleskin planners are not free, Toodeldo and Passion Planner are. So, if you have a money saving, non-spending, frugal goal or a general want to get organized, check out the freebies and see what works best for you.

Did I already mention TGIF? 😉