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What happened to the exercise challenge?

My husband claims that his lack of participation these last 2 weeks (apart from an unfortunate tumble down the basement steps, missing his chair last weekend and landing on his tailbone, AND a wicked callous on his toe) is because I have not been blogging about it. I guess he called me out on that one. Hubs interpreted my lack of blogging on the issue as meaning ‘it isn’t a *thing* we were still doing’. Guess what hubs ♡?….not so!

In fact, I have woken my tired behind up every morning between 5:30 and 6am to get IT done! To hubs credit, he is right in that I have not really blogged about it. When you fall off the stairs wagon, climb right back on!

Here are some revelations about our 123 day Exercise Challenge:

1. Doing a workout video at home is SO much easier than getting up, taking care of the animals, getting myself and my infant daughter dressed and ready, warming up the snowy car and driving 8 miles to the gym.

2. T25 is no joke. I started this workout 3.5 weeks postpartum and made it through week 7. At that point I had lost most of my pregnancy weight and my body was immensely sore in all of my joints so I stopped T25 and headed back to the gym and spin bike. (soreness turned out to be unrelated to the exercise but it got me back to the gym)

3. Pushing through the workouts on my tired days is worth it!

4. Yoga at least once a week helps round out the workout routine.

5. I miss the spin bike….a lot.

While I love getting a workout done in 25 minutes and not having to trudge through the 3 feet of snow we have here ☃; not to mention the single digit temperatures in the mornings, I really miss long cardio sessions with my iPod. And by long, I mean 35-40 minutes – I don’t get much free time without the baby.

Any one have any tips for getting more cardio at home?