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#1000Speak; Speak for Compassion on 02/20/2015

You may have noticed a new badge on my blog: #1000 voices blogging for compassionI was part of the first 900 bloggers to join this campaign and boy is it growing!

Call to Action:

“Let’s get 1000 bloggers to write posts about compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, non-judgement, care for the environment etc, and ALL PUBLISH ON THE SAME DAY (Feb 20th) to flood the Blogosphere with GOOD! Use the hashtag #1000Speak to promote this event.”

I have a strong belief in intention and personal energy and have practiced the meditation of Loving Kindness. Will this effort of bloggers posting about compassion on the same day soften the universe a little, I like to think so. I am looking forward to participating and spreading love, compassion, support, caring and acceptance. If you are interested in joining this blog event, you can find out more here.

☮ & ♡,
Erin @123