Found Money Jar

The concept of “found” money is not new, especially to the frugal at heart.  Saving found money and donating it at the end of the calendar year is also a known idea and participated in by many. I have decided to take part in this – in a serious way in 2015. I started collecting found money in 2014 with my step daughter. It becomes a fun game to occupy our attention while doing mundane tasks like standing in the checkout line at the market, pumping gas, etc….I even repurposed a peach jar to hold our treasure. We were not always diligent in 2014, but now with it as a resolution/goal for 2015 it will become second nature to glance around our feet for shiny, rusty, or dirty coins. What better way to teach about money, frugality and giving to an 8-year-old?

$1.67 Meow

As of today January 1, 2015 there is $1.67 in the jar. I am hoping we can maybe collect $10 this year and make a family donation to a local organization.

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