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Day 44: Resolution Check In

Since it is St. Valentine’s eve officially marking the half way point through the 2nd month of the year, I think it’s a good time to Stop. Look at my resolutions. And asses where I am at.

123 Day Exercise Challenge:
44 days of exercise DONE! I have managed to DO something, EVERYDAY even if it is just 15 minutes of yoga! I’m a morning person so I tackle exercise as soon as I roll out of bed (while the baby is sleeping). Otherwise there is a good chance it won’t happen.

January STATS:
ME: 861 minutes of exercise for the month (14.4 hours)
HUBS: 1067 minutes of exercise for the month (17.8 hours)

February STATS to date:
ME: 329 minutes (5.5 hours)
HUBS: 140 minutes (2.3 hours)

365 Dog Walks
40 dog walks to date. The days I missed were either because I ran out of time in the morning before work OR because it was -20 degrees with the wind chill and I didn’t feel it was safe for doggy paws to be exposed to the cold snow pack and the wind chill. I have however started taking our dog to a new doggie daycare where its open play so she comes home tired! A tired dog is a happy dog, or so they say.  Also, I originally mapped my dog walks with MapMyWalk but it was a real pain to remember to log it everyday on top of the spreadsheet I am keeping. So I have ditched the app and am sticking to my old school method.

Small Saving Goal
This fall I opened a new bank account where my husband banks. For the start of the new year I ordered my checks, initiated direct deposit and am ready to close my old account. As it turns out, there are a few hundred dollars in there I used as a cushion to avoid overdraft charges (which I never had to use) so I am putting that extra money toward my small savings goal. 🙂

Found Money Jar
Since I rarely go anywhere these days, I am failing miserably in this area….I guess it will have to be a longer term goal.

So what’s new with your goals? Are you forging ahead?


What happened to the exercise challenge?

My husband claims that his lack of participation these last 2 weeks (apart from an unfortunate tumble down the basement steps, missing his chair last weekend and landing on his tailbone, AND a wicked callous on his toe) is because I have not been blogging about it. I guess he called me out on that one. Hubs interpreted my lack of blogging on the issue as meaning ‘it isn’t a *thing* we were still doing’. Guess what hubs ♡?….not so!

In fact, I have woken my tired behind up every morning between 5:30 and 6am to get IT done! To hubs credit, he is right in that I have not really blogged about it. When you fall off the stairs wagon, climb right back on!

Here are some revelations about our 123 day Exercise Challenge:

1. Doing a workout video at home is SO much easier than getting up, taking care of the animals, getting myself and my infant daughter dressed and ready, warming up the snowy car and driving 8 miles to the gym.

2. T25 is no joke. I started this workout 3.5 weeks postpartum and made it through week 7. At that point I had lost most of my pregnancy weight and my body was immensely sore in all of my joints so I stopped T25 and headed back to the gym and spin bike. (soreness turned out to be unrelated to the exercise but it got me back to the gym)

3. Pushing through the workouts on my tired days is worth it!

4. Yoga at least once a week helps round out the workout routine.

5. I miss the spin bike….a lot.

While I love getting a workout done in 25 minutes and not having to trudge through the 3 feet of snow we have here ☃; not to mention the single digit temperatures in the mornings, I really miss long cardio sessions with my iPod. And by long, I mean 35-40 minutes – I don’t get much free time without the baby.

Any one have any tips for getting more cardio at home?

Day 5: Self Investment

When the New Year begins and you have time away from the 9-5 and it’s the weekend – your goals seem pretty easy to meet. But in reality, meeting goals takes both mental and physical time. With a full time job, a seven month old baby, a dog and my heavy involvement in nonprofit community work; ‘free’ time can be scarce.
Since we are adding extra workouts into our schedule for our 123 exercise challenge, I know I need to get back to my 5 am routine. Baby J is well into a sleep patterns so it is doable. Despite feeling great 5 days into our challenge, I know I will battle the time crunch.
Other obstacles include:
1. Some mornings I am not going to want to move at 5am or 6 am…or at all.
2. I know there is a high probability my hip will give out on me (thank you scoliosis) and I will be tethered to walking and stretching for a few days.
3. It is January and the snow and cold will be an invitation to press the snooze button again and again.
4. The cat and dog snuggle around my legs at night making it difficult to physically maneuver my way out of bed in the morning.
5. Infants do not come with a sleep through the night guarantee (I have been taking her sleep and mine, for granted).

I can probably come up with a dozen more impending challenges most of which are mental more than physical. Despite road blocks ahead, as of today, five days moving my body feels great! Besides, most things worth doing in life take time. Why not spend that time investing in yourself?

123 days: The Exercise Challenge

Now that we have 123 days of not eating takeout and restaurant food under our belt, we have decided to commence the new year with getting back to the gym like we did before Juliet was born. Our next challenge is 123 days of exercise.

Here is the gist:
We are committing to 123 consecutive days of movement. Since we are not bionic and aches and pains seem to plague my postpartum body, even if we can not commit to a full 30 minute workout (bike, run, elliptical, weight training, swimming), we vow to walk, do yoga, basically MOVE each day. And to ensure that I can not fail, one of my 2015 resolutions is 365 dog walks – because our beloved wild animal dog needs the extra exercise and deserves a little more TLC now that we have a human baby (not just a fur baby). Even if I just walk the dog to the corner, it counts. I aspire to work out 4-5 times per week for at least 30 mins, but any and all exercise will be great!

Additional goal:
As a couple, complete the full 10 weeks of the T25 workout.

Things to measure:
Miles we complete (monthly)
Time spent working out (daily/monthly)

Wish us luck! Building habit is part of our intentional life (health and wellness included). Today is day ONE.