Day 49: Dog walk and tai chi

Today is the first day in 7 weeks that I did not get up to do a T25 workout. Hubs and I decided to do the Alpha round a second time before going on to the Beta round. But this morning, my body just didn’t want to. My hip ached and I sounded like a bowl of rice crispies when you pour milk over them. I was snapping and popping in all my joints. The post-baby body can be a bit of a challenge at times. I figured since I have my weekly Tai Chi class tonight, I will just count that as my daily exercise. I also did not get out with my canine either, but the day is not over. These days our walks look like this: snow packed and icy.


I hate to think I may be getting the winter blues or at least feeling the mid-winter slump… Maybe it’s just the ongoing cold that is zapping my energy. Apart from traveling to a sunny destination, I am not sure what would pep me back up.

What do you do when your energy feels low?


6 thoughts on “Day 49: Dog walk and tai chi

  1. When my energy is low usually I take it easy and rest. Sometimes I potter around with my house plants, especially my orchids… doing this. Other times I go off on retreat for a few days, love it, xxxx


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