Three Posts Thursday

Having been blogging for a few months now, I have noticed many blogs with alternative posting styles for certain days of the week. There is “Silent Sundays” where the blogger will post a photo or a quote. Similarly there is “Wordless Wednesday”. There are recaps of the 5 things that brought you happiness that week, etc…While I was reading some great posts in the reader this morning it occurred to me that I would like to share some of these posts and spread a little blog love. You can see where my thoughts went next….yep… why not create a space during the week where I can post a few of my favorite posts that I read that day. I am calling this “THREE POSTS THURSDAY” and I even made a badge for it. This blogging101 thing is really paying off!

I may not do this every Thursday and I may decide to include posts I read during the week, not just that day. But for now, these post were my favorites of the day. You may enjoy them too…

Here is my very first Three Posts Thursday:January 8, 2015

ohshecooks – can-cheese-be-cheese-without-dairy
orangemarmaladebooks – one-darling-mouse-one-curious-cat
bubblesandbooyah -jar-o-booyah

Happy blogging!



16 thoughts on “Three Posts Thursday

      1. Well thank you, that’s lovely. I’d like to have a theme that includes that kind of personalisation. I narrowed it down to three last night but I cannot remember what they were (lucky I kept a list….somewhere)… 😉

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