Dog walking in -4 degree weather

Upon waking up to a crisp -4 degrees this morning, I was happy for two things. One, we have been doing the T25 workouts so we did not have to physically leave the house this morning. Two, it was toasty warm in our room since my husband recently put plastic over the windows to keep out the draft. Since I have promised my dog and made it a new year’s resolution to walk her every. single. day. I layered up after my cool down and out the door we went.

Feeling the chill when I opened the door, she was a little hesitant but went with it.Β I knew in this weather we were not going to walk far, a few houses maybe. Her breed is actually the national dog of Malta. While she loves to play in the snow she loves warmth and sun even more. Four houses down and back with a few sniffing tangents along the way and our pup was already limping from the cold. I brought her inside and cupped her paws in my warm hands (which she always seems greatful for) then served her breakfast. I would say she is one happy pup.

Workout done. Dog walk done. It’s now 7:46 a.m. and it’s up to -3 degrees. Schools are delayed 2 hours due to the chill. I plan to stay warm and cozy as I work from home today. I hope you stay warm and cozy as well. Happy Thursday…it’s almost Friday. πŸ™‚

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