Blogging 101: Again

When I began this blog in September I joined the WP Blogging University so I could figure out what blogging was all about. I kept up with about 2/3rds of the assignments so I decided to take the Blogging101 course again and actually complete it this time. I have to admit, I am a little resistant to some of the activities. But knowing myself well, the places I feel the most resistance are the places I need to learn, grow, or change the most.

The frist assignment:

Today I am supposed to tell you “who I am and why I am here”. I guess I should tell you why I am still here. I started this blog as a way to document my family’s journey with a 123 day No takeout challenge. You can read about the original intent of this blog here. As our 4 months came to a close, we decided to challenge ourselves again, this time with exercise.

Who am I besides a fledgling blogger here on WP? To start, I am a 30 something – closer to 40 than I like to admit, wife, mother, stepmother, and dog mom. I have been called calm, shy, etherial, and a little bit ‘crunchy’. I maintain a gluten-free diet for health reasons (thank you HLA-DQ8), am a member of a CSA, our cooperative market, and the YMCA. I care very deeply about my health (physical and mental well-being). I care very deeply about my husband and our daughter. I love being a mom. I love to cook. I read as much as I can find the time and prefer nonfiction. I am very involved with non-profit work in my local community. I have a penchant for frugality and sustainability. I often ponder the BIG questions in life and see betterment of self a necessity for growth. Lastly, I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. I fear that I will be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of nothing.

Why am I here? Or should I say, why am I still here? I have wanted to start a blog for years but have never been able to narrow down my interests to focus on one thing to blog about. New bloggers often hear that we need to have a ‘focus’ to our blog, but as I have found here on WP, there are many people just dabbling and exploring with blogging, not tied to any one theme, purpose or focus. When my husband and I decided to eat  no takeout/restaurant food for 123 days, he suggested I try blogging about it. It seemed like the perfect way to get me started. Since I kind of enjoyed it, well… I am (still).

How about you? What made you enter the blogosphere? I would love to hear how you got started (leave a comment below).

2 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Again

  1. I’d wanted a blog for a long time before I actually started blogging. I love to write but I was unsure of what my focus should be. Then one day, I realized my friends were always coming to me for advice on being vegan and recipes, so … 🙂 Like you and many others, I find my blog continues to evolve. This year I’m planning to do more book reviews and more “Frugal Vegan Features.”

    BTW, I loved your series on giving up takeout!

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    1. Catherine, thanks for leaving such a thoughtful response.:-) I would love to read some frugal vegan features. I think sometimes there is a misconception that eating healthy has to be expensive. It’s nice to hear others have struggled with a focus for their blog. But on the upside – growth and exploration are good too! 🙂


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