Day 5: Self Investment

When the New Year begins and you have time away from the 9-5 and it’s the weekend – your goals seem pretty easy to meet. But in reality, meeting goals takes both mental and physical time. With a full time job, a seven month old baby, a dog and my heavy involvement in nonprofit community work; ‘free’ time can be scarce.
Since we are adding extra workouts into our schedule for our 123 exercise challenge, I know I need to get back to my 5 am routine. Baby J is well into a sleep patterns so it is doable. Despite feeling great 5 days into our challenge, I know I will battle the time crunch.
Other obstacles include:
1. Some mornings I am not going to want to move at 5am or 6 am…or at all.
2. I know there is a high probability my hip will give out on me (thank you scoliosis) and I will be tethered to walking and stretching for a few days.
3. It is January and the snow and cold will be an invitation to press the snooze button again and again.
4. The cat and dog snuggle around my legs at night making it difficult to physically maneuver my way out of bed in the morning.
5. Infants do not come with a sleep through the night guarantee (I have been taking her sleep and mine, for granted).

I can probably come up with a dozen more impending challenges most of which are mental more than physical. Despite road blocks ahead, as of today, five days moving my body feels great! Besides, most things worth doing in life take time. Why not spend that time investing in yourself?


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