Cut the noise.What??? I SAID… cut the NOISE!

I have seen a trend in my WP Reader over the first new days of 2015. Maybe it’s hope for the New Year ahead or maybe more people really are thinking about their quality of life. Call it focus, hope, aspiration, resolution, goals, authenticity, mindfulness, spiritual fitness, intention, getting *it* done, or whatever catch phrase fits your fancy. But I’ll tell ya – I LIKE IT!

I don’t want to get all ‘soap boxy’ on you but my soul feels stressssssed by the world. I am not interested in the new this and new that. I like a quiet atmosphere where I can realx. I am not a curmudgeon or a hermit. I simply do not enjoy sensory overload and all the noise (visual and auditory) that clogs our everyday.
I want to decrease the number of distractions that violate my space and time (Yes unwanted email spam coming to my cell phone in text format, I am talking to you. Do you really think I believe you when you tell me I have won a trip the Bahamas? Who sold you my number anyway?).

A few things I do intentionally to cut the noise and establish calm:
I do not own a smart phone. I have an old phone with a basic call/text plan. No data package.
I do not work beyond my required 37.5 hour week with my employer – ever!
I turn off the TV and read
I try to stay organized (I don’t let the mail pile up, I take care of clutter piles weekly, make to-do lists and cross them OFF!)
I unsubscribe from email lists that somehow found their way to my inbox via third party who wants me to buy something
I get to the gym. When I can manage to get 30 minutes of baby free time to myself to spin or run and it’s just me and my ipod it feels like thirty minutes of pure heaven. (me + ipod = <3)
I create a monthly menu. Meal planning takes me about 30 minutes and saves me much more time (and $) in grocery shopping and is more efficient than staring blankly into the refrigerator assessing what we could possibly eat that evening. Takeout is still no longer an option (Wooooohoooo!)

I would say spending a few minutes planning (e.g. making a few conscious decisions about my day, week, etc…) is what helps me the most. I am a systems person. If I can figure out the best system to use that will make my day, week, month, life less complicated, I will find it and apply it.

Are there things you do to help simplify your everyday? What is your system? I am always willing to learn from others and would love to hear your tips. Please share in the comments section below.


13 thoughts on “Cut the noise.What??? I SAID… cut the NOISE!

  1. I LOVE reading this, and what is important to you. You have my admiration.
    Just 3 weeks ago I asked my employer to reduce me to a 4 day work week, which they kindly obliged. Life was getting just too stressful, and that 1 less work day has been a Godsend. Am finding “less is more”. I am happier, can spend time running without feeling guilty of “stuff” needing to be done, I’m cooking more (from scratch) :), and spending more quality time with my family.
    Thanks for a great post! 🙂

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    1. Wow! 🙂 That is so wonderful. What a blessing you have a job that is willing to reduce your schedule and that you recognized the need for change. Your thoughtful comments are always so great to read. Without fantastic fellow bloggers, I am not sure I would still be blogging.

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      1. Aww, thank you so much. I love coming to your blog. The 123 Challenge is unique, and helps me think of ways to challenge myself to improve my own life.
        What I appreciate most is the comments. I can’t agree more. It keeps us going. To think someone actually reads my writing, and then takes the time to comment is always so encouraging.
        And with yourself, I feel I have developed a friendship and a camaraderie, which I am SO grateful! 🙂 THANK YOU!

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  2. Lists!! A list for what I want to achieve that day, a list on what to get from the shops, a list of things I’m grateful for, they keep me focused amongst all the distractions! I know I’d get lost in the noise without a good old list!


  3. I love the idea with the monthly meal planning. We do it for the week (at least try to stick to it) and it already has a massive influence on our budget. I can imagine how much it would change if done for a month!

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    1. I have my step daughter do some of the menu with me including one new meal she is willing to try. We also hang the menu on the refrigerator so we can all see what’s for dinner. We usually stick a “dessert” night on it and plan a really gooey chocolately treat 🙂 It’s fun and the 8 year old seems to like it. It allows her to have a choice about the food we eat and provides stability and consistency to dinner time.

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