Day 120: What’s next?

We are at day 120 of our initial 123 day challenge. If you haven’t stopped by lately, you will notice some changes to the layout. I have been on the fence about continuing this blog – after all it was an experiment inside of an experiment. As it turns out, I kind of like this hobby called blogging. Maybe my blog is just another voice clogging the internet, but it is also a creative outlet, a journal of sorts, and a way to track my life, goals, challenges, etc… Nearly all of my posts have been written with my infant daughter sleeping in my lap.


Overall, this journey has been memorable. And the perks…I have found some great blogs to read, made some blog friends, and have found some kindred spirited bloggers. It has all been fun. As for what is next, I have some ideas and I have been sketching them out as new blog pages. My husband and I also have TWO more onehundredtwentythreeday challenges we will be embarking on, and yes we are sticking to eating no takeout. Unless we are going someplace wonderful to eat and will be waited on (isn’t that part of the dining out experience you miss when you order to pick up?) then we are eating at home. I hope to be sharing our overall numbers for the whole 123 day challenge. I also hope to share my thoughts about the experience. Until next time, happy blogging!

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