Day 106: Realizations

The ONLY takeout we have consumed in the past 106 days was the 4 meals we ate in Boston and they were nothing to write home about. Since I have to maintain a gluten free diet, I tend to travel with lots of snacks – it saved us from having to eat breakfast out Saturday morning.Our first night in town (Friday) we were pretty excited to eat at Legal Seafood – it has been our first night meal in Boston every year we have taken this mini-vacation. Since we stay on Long Wharf, we always look forward to fresh seafood (well….maybe it isn’t fresh…it is a chain restaurant after all). Not to bad mouth Legal Seafood but WHA????? My step daughter’s mac & cheese was straight Kraft from the box – for $12. They messed up hubs order and my GF salad with Salmon fillet left me eating chex cereal by the handful it was so skimpy. Did LS change something? Are we just accustomed to eating at home now so we found this experience over priced and disappointing?

Out of necessity and proximity to our hotel, we ended up eating lunch at Faneuil Hall on Saturday. It was the tree lighting ceremony that evening and the Lego art display so Quincy Market was cheerfully packed. I spotted some Indian food I know is GF so I bought that. The taste, hmmm….not so flavorful; a bit disappointing but the rice was fantastic. Since our hotel has great food and we generally end our annual visits with gourmet breakfast from the hotel restaurant, we decided to treat ourselves to room service when diner rolled around. This was fun and the food was GREAT!. It also gave us extra pool time.

Room service
Room service



We ended our weekend with a Sunday morning trip to the Aquarium followed by brunch from the hotel. As we drove back home, I had a few realizations:

  1. I do not miss takeout.
  2. I do not miss restaurant food at all.
  3. And my stomach doesn’t miss it either…
  4. Cooking real food at home is where it’s at.
Aquarium buddy
Aquarium buddy

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