Day 76: We are doing what???

Here we are at day 76 of a 123 day challenge and I have procrastinated for 8 days in telling you that my husband has booked us a weekend in Boston. We go every fall, but hadn’t planned to go this year because we didn’t have any money. Well low and behold, we just saved $1,400 which more than covers our weekend (2 nights and an aquarium visit). Regretfully, this means we will be dining out or at our hotel. The puritan in me is resisting; after all, a challenge is a challenge and straying is dare I say..cheating! But then again, we are doing the challenge for our benefit not to impose self deprivation (my husband’s words of rationalization including, and I quote “YOLO“). To be honest, while I am not looking forward to dining out (we are packing dinner for Friday night), I am looking forward to a few nights away from the house where I don’t have to make my own bed, there is cable TV and a chance to take our 5 month old on her first ‘vacation’ to a city my husband and I both love.

I know…I feel the guilt. I know what you are thinking. It took me this entire week to forgive myself for wanting to go away for the weekend even if it means eating at a restaurant. So maybe this means we extend our challenge for 2-3 days into January. Why not?

Would you take a break from a self-imposed challenge to get away and relax for a few days? Feel free to comment below.  Please don’t chastise me too badly. Happy blogging!


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