Day 75: The habit of a Starbucks drinker

It all began in Boston circa 1993 when my husband worked as a bike messenger. These were the days before cell phones (think walkie-talkie- transceiver radios for communication). And if you know anything about the Great North East, it gets pretty cold, snowy and rainy. When waiting for a dispatch call between jobs, my husband would escape the elements (and use the restroom) at various locations around the city, including Starbucks. ย Since you can spend hours in a coffee shop without question (remember that coffee shops were a pretty hip in the 90’s grunge days, think ‘Singles‘), not to mention hot fresh coffee, this became his ritual and the place to pass the time between pickups.

For 7 years he worked as a bike messenger in Boston, rode a fixed gear, had one accident and zero serious injuries. After nearly a decade of this line of work, a few things stuck including his 20+ year old fixed gear which he still rides to work occasionally, a beat up copy of Neuromancer, and his penchant for hanging around Starbucks.ย If you weren’t convinced about his love of Starbucks coffee when you visited our Results page, check out the photos below. Sometime I will photo document the number of Starbucks collectibles we have in our house including coffee mugs, travel mugs, french press, coffee grinder, Christmas ornament, etc…all donning the Starbucks seal. EVERYWHERE we go, we HAVE to find a Starbucks….seriously!

Naples, FL (2014)
Boston (2013)
Boston (2013)
Starbucks , Ithaca NY (2012)
Starbucks , Ithaca NY (2012)

4 thoughts on “Day 75: The habit of a Starbucks drinker

  1. As a cycling enthusiast, I LOVED reading this post. Have always lived in the country, so during the few times I bike in the city, I am always very cautious.

    Enter the bike messenger (or what we call bike courier in Canada). I have read about them, and have observed them in years past along city streets. Sunshine, rain, wind, or snow. I have been amazed by their energy and their confidence. To have the wits to watch for dangers, ride on the edge and really learn to “read traffic”. I have a deep respect for them, using the simplest form of transportation there is besides walking……a fixed gear bicycle.

    Can definitely understand and appreciate the connection you have with Starbucks. And even more with the admiration you are achieving, at day 75, of the 123 day challenge. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well done!


    1. What a fantastic comment! I think being a bike messenger takes a certain level of thrill seeking and self discipline. From what I have been told, the best jobs come early in the morning so the early bird gets the worm.I don’t know many 20 somethings who can get up and into the elements by 7:30 am (on a bike!) – it’s a very self directed, go get ’em job that is self driven. It is certainly not a 9-5 so I imagine on the snowy days most people want to sleep in.
      My husband also couriered in Manhattan for a while but really disliked it. Each city has it’s own pulse and his vibed with Boston.
      Me, I am more of a spin (exercise) biker myself ๐Ÿ™‚ Certainly not a thrill seeker.
      Thank you for the encouragement and following our journey. It looks as though we may be on a 2 day hiatus soon for reasons of being able to afford our annual weekend away afterall.

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      1. So interesting that each city has it’s own pulse for a bike messenger. As I get older, I don’t take the risks I used to do even 10 years ago mountain biking. A bike messenger, I don’t know if I could ever do. Probably could do it, but not make a living of it. (if I wasn’t fast enough, I might not be asked back from some companies…lol) ๐Ÿ™‚

        Very happy for you, that you are getting away for a weekend retreat! ๐Ÿ™‚

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