Day 73: How we saved $1,472 in just two months!

I am astounded! I knew we were spending money but I did not realize HOW MUCH! I have just updated our Results page and I could cry. One phrase that was repeated by my husband and I over and over before embarking on this challenge was “I don’t have any money…”. Well NO wonder our checkbook balances were at zero – look at how much we were spending! And this is a conservative estimate.

Results as of November 1, 2014 @ 8am
Starbucks savings = $434 (31 days at an average of $14 per day)
Takeout savings over 4 weeks = $224
$22 (for Mike and I) plus $34 (take out for Mike & I plus his daughter) = $56 per week if we ONLY got take out 2 times
PLUS 2 October birthdays we didn’t go out for = $100

Other takeout spending previously forgotten – we will add these costs for September & October.
TCBY savings = $40 ($20 per month is a modest estimate, sometimes we went 2-3 times a month)
Bruegger’s Bagels savings = $30 ($15 per month is average for two visits per month)

September + October savings = $1,472

Oddly, I haven’t heard either of us complain about not having money lately. In fact I don’t have a credit card balance either and I had ADDED the expense of doggie daycare once a week for our furbaby. I never really thought that we would be spending such an outrageous amount of money. To be honest, I really do not miss takeout. I miss some of the freedom it gives in terms of time in the evening spent preparing dinner, but slowing down has been good for us. We problem solve dinner options together. We use the food we buy. Essentially, as a family we are connecting in ways we did not always do before…what a gift!
Have you ever made a drastic change? What was your experience like?

13 thoughts on “Day 73: How we saved $1,472 in just two months!

  1. We went through a Dave Ramsey course this summer. At the beginning of it, we were supposed to make a budget that was based on current expenditures. I looked at our credit card statements for the previous 16 months. Doing so indicated that we had been spending over $1200 a month eating out! How could we even afford that? How could we even eat that much?!

    Yeah. So now we stick to a budget. We talk about money a lot. We know what we can buy and what we can’t. We plan. Our money situation is under control and our relationship is much better for it.

    Around the same time, we both started exercising more. Now we are doing situps together every morning and wearing out our treadmill. Both are feeling great and supporting each other. It’s wonderful.

    AND! On top of all that, I cut off my mid-back length hair that I’ve basically had my whole life. Now I have a pixie cut and I love it. I like how I look. I wear earrings. I dress up more. I’m happier.

    So lot’s of drastic changes this year and they’ve all been top-notch excellent.

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    1. Wow! 🙂 My husband and I got married later in life (he was married previously) and we were already both established in the work world so we never put our money together. I am a total saver and he has a higher tolerance for debt and impulse buying (versus saving up the $ and shopping the best deal). I have been wanting to agree on a budget for a while, but we just aren’t there yet. As long as he is adding to our daughter’s savings account and our joint account, I stay happy. BTW – there is something SO freeing when you cut off all your hair!!! It kind of smacks the cultural expectation of femininity in the face. Love it!


    1. I have a real knack for documenting my life so keeping track of our results is the fun part for me. There is always something to be learned. We also became a one car family (by choice) back in 2011. Going to one car brought a significant change in how we communicate. negotiate, compromise and problem solve. I like to imagine that people were happier before we became such a busy, disposable society.

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  2. That’s #AWEsome! It is amazing how much we find in what we spend when we actually look at it that we really don’t need to spend. We make our lunch 4 out of 5 workdays which saves an average of $80/week or $360/month or $4320/year. I find it helpful to expand those daily savings out to weekly and monthly and yearly. Keep saving!


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