Day 71: Food and feeling satiated…or not (a question for readers)

Hello friends. I have struggled for a few weeks now and thought I would put my ‘problem’ out into the blog community for some feedback. I have maintained a gluten free diet since 2008 and have recently gone dairy free due to related food issues postpartum. I have made a conscious effort to exclude most pre-made gf foods, as I view some of them as junk-food. With basically a whole food diet, I have a difficult time feeling satiated. For me, this is different from feeling *full* and it often sends me grazing through the evening on various snacks because I just can’t quite figure out why I still feel like I want to eat something. I thought it was a protein thing but even after eating turkey or chicken for dinner, I still have the feeling. Maybe it is fat that I need?

What am I missing? Do you have a go-to food that helps you feel satiated?

6 thoughts on “Day 71: Food and feeling satiated…or not (a question for readers)

  1. Fat definitely helps – I love all of the nut butters! Drinking water throughout the day also helps (especially drinking a full glass after meals, it helps digestion and feeling “full”). I’m a veg, so I love beans and gluten free grains – the combo usually fills me up. Try eating a larger volume of lower calorie foods (like a salad packed with veggies) before eating your dinner in the evening. It helps you feel full (look up the Volumetrics eating plan).


  2. I follow a plant-based diet and find that, in order to feel full, I need to ensure I’m getting plenty of complete protein, a fair amount of good fat, and a couple servings of something dark green. Also, from more of a taste (rather than health) perspective, I need lots of umami (rich, toasty, carmelized, nutty, meaty) flavor to feel satisfied. I get this by adding ingredients like dry mushrooms, tamari, toasted nuts, and nutritional yeast to vegan dishes.


    1. I have never tired nutritional yeast (or Braggs Amino Acids). I just goggled it – I had no idea it comes from Molasses. This would be a great way to get my B’s. Thank you for stopping by my blog and caring enough to leave a comment. Happy blogging!


  3. Thank you for that article. I use coconut oil for the baby all the time (from cradle cap to diaper rash) so I am not surprised with all of the benefits noted. Not sure I would be able to eat it though…. 🙂 This challenge has been great for us. It makes me take a different look at the time we have in our days and how much we generally try to cram in at the expense of simple, healthy options. Thanks for stopping by! I haven’t forgotten about the wonderful nomination!!!!

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