Day 66: Out of the rut and into the leeks

Did I ever mention that life with an infant is really hectic? Most of you probably already know this fact. So… I have ordered her an exersaucer; the kind that attach to the door frame. I am anticipating that this is the key to my evening meal preparation in peace and focus. I have had lovely visions that Juliet will dance about, safely contained in her saucer, strategically placed in the doorway to the kitchen. Essentially I have high hopes that this will keep everyone away from the kitchen while I cook and simultaneously entertain the baby. I can already hear her squeal with delight! Come on UPS! (or FedEx??)

In other news, we have got a lot of root veggies in our CSA share. One of these abundant delectables is the leek! I love leeks. They are flavorful but not overpowering. I find that leeks are good in just about any dish. One of my favorites is leeks and spinach sautéed in an omelet. Wow! The flavor is tremendous, especially if you add a bit of rosemary. Do you have a favorite way to cook and eat leeks? If so, please comment below. Happy Blogging!

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