Day 57: Where did the weekend go?

Why does it feel like life is whizzing by while I am busy doing necessary things instead of the things I would rather be doing – like writing this blog or being way more creative in the kitchen (I mean how many times in one week am I going to eat turkey hot dogs with sauerkraut for dinner)? But here we are, 57 days and NO TAKEOUT or Starbucks!!! Wow! My husband and I are managing just fine for the most part. We make taunting jokes here and there baiting each other to buy takeout while running errands or shopping for groceries, but it is all in good fun. My stepdaughter who is now officially 8 years old was “dying for a Bruegger’s Bagel” for lunch on Saturday. She settled for a fresh pear and crackers with hummus. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Day 57: Where did the weekend go?

  1. Have you watched the movie Chef yet? All that gorgeous, inventive food… I swear, it made me heart-rendingly jealous for at least five minutes.

    Happy birthday to your stepdaughter 🙂

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