Day 52: Hiding the turnips in the mashed potatoes

We all know that children commonly turn their noses up at vegetables. When you are a member of a CSA, let’s just say you can get some unique vegetables, and well….you need to get creative to get children on board with trying these strange delights. One such veggie is the white turnip. In my quest to not let things go to waste, I decided I had better figure out what to do with these darlings. Having two potatoes kicking around from the farm share the previous week, I decided to boil the turnips and potatoes together and simply mash them. Turnips are bit lighter (more watery) than the potatoes so I didn’t need to add any form of liquid to get a whipped texture. Using more turnips than potatoes may give a watery, sloppy consistency so if you decide to make this recipe, you will need to balance the potato – turnip content to your liking. Also, white turnips have a spice about them. Adding the potatoes will mellow the flavor of the turnip.

When I served dinner I told both my husband and stepdaughter that they were “simply potatoes“. No one could tell otherwise. I let my husband in on the secret after dinner. I feel pretty good about this recipe and ‘hiding’ rich sources of nutrition in our everyday foods. Low in calories, rich in antioxidants, who could resist the turnip?

Do you ever ‘hide’ vegetables in other recipes to get your kids to eat them?

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