Day 47: You can’t tempt me TCBY

I failed to mention that TCBY is a favorite we used to treat our family to at least monthly if not twice per month. We used to have “TCBY” on our family menu so we knew which day of the month we would get to indulge.

If you have never been to TCBY, one word to describe it is “YUM”. And the place is actually fun. Who can resist a make-your-own yogurt sundae bar with 16 flavors of yogurt (almost all are GF and zero fat) and a sinful toppings bar including fruit, chocolate, syrups, crushed candy bars……mmmm.  Back to my point – I have a “points” card with TCBY so every $30 you spend you get a $3 credit toward your next purchase. You can also save these $3 credits to get free yogurt and Tuesdays are double points day. Can you tell we have been to TCBY a LOT?

I think it is fair to add TCBY to our by the numbers page. The sundae’s are priced by weight per ounce. For three of us we would spent between $16 – $19 per visit. I keep getting TCBY updates in my email. Apparently they have Pumpkin flavored yogurt back again…but you can’t tempt ME TCBY…I just delete your emails. Staying strong here at onehundrentwentythreedays.

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