Day 45: In the wee hours…

Ah…now I remember why takeout was the choice de jour. It’s 1:09 AM and I have just gotten my 4 month old to fall back asleep. I have apparently been a very lucky new mom; my daughter started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks. In a way I have been a fool – I have taken this for granted and now that I am awake in the middle of the night, that tired feeling and the memories of the first few months of frequent night waking, feedings, and the entire 5 seasons of Dharma & Greg episodes all comes rushing back. I really didn’t know how to juggle a newborn, sleep deprivation, house, pets, husband, AND cook dinner too. I was soooo guilty, yet so thankful for takeout in those early weeks. Takeout is not an evil by any means and not eating/buying/indulging in takeout is not a statement about the food industry or a criticism. For me, it is a way to help get me back into life’s rhythm and make conscious choices about the foods and flavors I introduce to my baby. I really do believe that we are what we eat. What do you think?

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