Day 43: The picture of success

Having family visit for the weekend can be a very tiring experience no matter how nice the visit is. But here at onehundredtwentythreedays, we have not only survived the weekend, we THRIVED. There was a moment when my FIL said ” It isn’t takeout if I buy you food”, I honestly thought my husband was going to cave for a minute. But, with a little explanation and making it easy for our visitors, we ended up with a home cooked meal and a nice visit. We even met up at Starbucks in the morning where we played a few rounds of bird bingo. I ate an apple and peanuts brought from home and my husband had a juice. It is awkward (for me) to say “no” to people or explain why I will not attend an event. I generally feel like I somehow need to justify my decision or that I am hurting someone’s feelings. Maybe this whole no takeout thing is good practice for me on many levels…like learning how to say “no” in the most honest of ways.

Here the dinner spread with my FIL and fam. Hubs took the photo so you can’t see him – but what a lively bunch we are!

family dining


6 thoughts on “Day 43: The picture of success

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. Eating out is such a large component of our social fabric. I don’t mind once in a while, but usually the food we cook at home actually tastes better than when we go out. Also, sticking with our goal is hopefully teaching my step daughter some values in ‘not quitting’ or giving up just because what your goal is may not be the ‘popular’ thing to do.

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