Day 41: In preparation & FIL’s visit

So here we are – Saturday.  I have a baby laying across my lap hanging upside down while I type this post mostly one-handed (the other hand is grasping my ladybug so she doesn’t fall). Apparently when you are 4 months old, the world is more interesting upside down. Maybe I should take some lessons on *perspective* from the wee one.

As I was saying, Saturday has arrived. As luck would have it, the weather has held and we have another gorgeous fall afternoon of sunshine and 60 degree weather.  I also managed to clean the floors – getting most of the cat hair, dog dander and dust bunnies from their hiding spots. In order to stick to no takeout I have already thawed the turkey cutlets, and about to start cooking some gluten free pasta for a side dish of baked ziti. My strategy is “if it is already in the oven, they can’t say no”.  Besides, with our schedules so busy (hubs is taking a promotional exam this morning, SD is at riding lessons with her biomom, and I am getting our home prepped for FIL), eating in and having a relaxing visit where we can talk, have the baby comfortable (and away from the seasons first cold and flu germs), and relax – sounds like the best kind of visit (IMO).

I am off to cook pasta…I hope our plan today works!

4 thoughts on “Day 41: In preparation & FIL’s visit

  1. You are exactly one third of the way there, which is incredible.
    Although I’ve never been a big fan of take out, it’s that convenience thing when I get super busy, and I break down. But I have gone this past week take out free.
    Congratulations in getting to this milestone. Be encouraged, you are doing AMAZING! 🙂

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