Day 40: Autumn crisp

It’s finally starting to feel more like fall here in New York. The weather has been most beautiful and rather warm for September and early October. Today the sky was perfect; electric blue with sunshine and fluffy white clouds. The breeze was light and steady giving a cool blast to the skin against the warm gaze of the sun. Ahhh, finally the crisp air has arrived. I could actually smell the leaves drying in the grass. Soon the leaves will be fallen from the trees only to be remembered by the crunching under our feet.

If you live in the great NorthEast, then you know it’s time for apples, spice, and cinnamon delight! Due to the long holiday weekend, I was off from work early this afternoon. Large bag of apples from our CSA share + a few hours of downtime = homemade gluten free apple cake! I took a recipe from and substituted one cup of flour with one cup GF all purpose flour.


As you can see by the photo, I made a pretty good dent in the pan. While I would have enjoyed a major pig-out movie fest, I have decided to wait and enjoy some tomorrow, this time with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

p.s. Take you time Old Man Winter, we have plenty of autumn left to enjoy.

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