Day 37: My in-laws are coming

Houston… we may have a problem. When we started the 123 challenge we *thought* we were not having visitors for a while. As it turns out, my father-in-law is coming for a visit this weekend before his migration south for the winter. Our visits generally go something like this: he arrives around 1pm, visits at the house for about an hour before checking into his hotel. He is allergic to animal dander and we have a dog and a cat so we limit the time we spend entertaining at our home. After the hotel check in we reconvene for an early dinner around 3:30 or 4pm. My father-in-law likes to treat us to a nice restaurant meal, then we come back to the house for some Bird Bingo before calling it a night. The next morning before my FIL leaves we meet for coffee at…you guessed it…Starbucks. Hmmmm, the entire visit is seemingly problematic.

We have thought of a few workarounds. 1) if the weather holds, we can entertain outside in the afternoon to limit the exposure to the allergens (pets) 2) have dinner already “cooking” or prepped when he gets into town so we have to cook and eat at home, 3) order only tea or water IF we meet at starbucks in the morning OR 4) invite him over for A.M. coffee/tea.

In your opinion, is allowing someone else to buy us dinner out a violation of the 123 day no-takeout challenge?

4 thoughts on “Day 37: My in-laws are coming

  1. Italian visiting relatives insist on buying restaurant dinner at least once during the stay. The rest of the meals are home cooked by hosts and visitors do the dishes. The meals usually have 19 courses and take at least 6 hours to eat. Then desert comes next. That takes another 6 hours. Thanks visit my blog.

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