Day 34: Why my husband is craving a mocha

Okay, I know I have not explained my husband’s serious Starbucks habit in full detail (though I promise that I will soon), I can feel the starbucks itch in him. Twice this week he has mentioned his desire for an iced soy mocha. After a cool, dreary Saturday morning of laundry, house cleaning and playing with the baby, my husband and I are standing in the kitchen discussing the days plans and where we are going shopping to buy my step-daughter a birthday present. When my husband tells me where we are going I asked “why?” He replies, “because there is a mocha there”. What?! I give him the “look”. “what!”, he exclaims, “my Kickstarter just hit $8,000, can’t I celebrate with a hot mocha”? The answer I give him of course is “NO!”. I mean seriously – we have been taking this journey for 34 days now and my step daughter has been participating with us. What kind of message does this send to her if her dad and I either ‘quit’ or ‘cheat’ during our 123 days of no takeout (including Starbucks)? And this is exactly the lecture I gave my husband. When you commit to something you stick with it. Am I right? Or am I right?

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