Day 30: By the numbers weigh in

Today is officially the last day of September and that means we have achieved one month of NO takeout under our belt! The first month is a bit easy when you are all fired up about doing it and have figured out how to politely decline dinner out with friends. I am feeling things may get a bit bumpy as the months progress and the holidays are upon us.

So far, my husband and I are pretty proud of ourselves. You do remember that this no takeout challenge also includes Starbucks, right? To say the least, I am really amazed my husband has been able to stay away from that place (I will share more about the Starbucks addiction in a separate post). You can check out our money saved and weight loss here.

How are you doing with your goals? Have you had any successes?

3 thoughts on “Day 30: By the numbers weigh in

  1. I need to avoid the biscuit aisle in tesco’s, i am eating them like they are going out of fashion. Today i set myself a goal of dieting for thirty days, since then I have demolishd a packet of biscuits, 😳😳😳

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