Day 24: Check in

We are still going strong here at onehundrendtwentythreedays. We attended our CSA annual pot luck dinner on Sunday (Day 21). It was a great way to meet other CSA members, partake in some contra dancing, tour the farm that grows our food and share a little bit of my love of cooking. This year I made jasmine rice with garlic, onion, peppers, broccoli, green beans, carrots, and celery topped with GF tamari sauce for taste; simple, easy and allergy friendly. I know firsthand that having food allergies make events like dinner at other’s people’s houses, pot lucks, and holiday parties a bit un-fun so I try to be mindful and of course bring a dish I know is safe for me to eat.

And to not throw away a half loaf of bread – homemade croutons for hubs


homemade crutons
homemade croutons

What is your favorite dish to share/potluck recipe?

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