Day 18: Greens for lunch

With the arrival of a new CSA share yesterday, I thought it would be fun to try something new so I am sending some blog love to Stephanie Usbi. I tried one of her recipes today -the swiss chard wrap. I have had swiss chard several times but never raw. I tend to stir-fry my greens. I did improv a bit on the ingredients and also used horseradish sauce.  I love horseradish – it reminds me of my grandmother. If there were one relative I could go back and speak with about life it would be her. She made her own horseradish sauce. Originally a farmer who raised seven children, then moving on to work at Cornell University’s veterinary hospital and eventually becoming Town Justice; as an adult woman my grandmother seems pretty interesting.  I am certain she did 123 days of home cooking without batting an eye!

Getting back to the swiss chard wrap…I included only a few ingredients: vegan horseradish sauce, orange bell pepper, onion and carrot. I have to say, it was delicious!

DSC02325 DSC02326 DSC02328 DSC02329

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