Days 12 & 13: Perfect Timing

The other day in the car with hubs, driving the 8 mile rectangle we drive 90% of the time, we passed the 99 Restaurant – one of our go-to takeout spots (they have a decent GF menu).  All-of-a-sudden the building looked REALLY different to me.  This is what we saw:

99 Restaurant - closed
99 Restaurant – closed

When I googled to see if the restaurant was getting a make-over, I learned that it was closed. No explanation. No forewarning. It was just closed.

Then today after dropping by the post office, we  were passing one of the many Starbucks we would frequent and we saw THIS:

under renovation
under renovation

Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. Is the universe actually HELPING us through our 123 day journey? I like to think so 😉

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