Day 3: Using what you’ve got

It has dawned on me that we did not prepare for this challenge in any way. On Saturday, my husband said “let’s see if we can do no takeout until January 1, 2015”, and I simply said “ok”. Then, we had a blog up and running by Monday. We figure if we put it all out there (check out our By the Numbers page) and make it public we will be more likely to follow through. Although we did not stock up at the grocery store or create any food plan in advance, breakfast and lunch are always pretty easy since I have been packing our lunches for many years now. I pack mine out of gluten-free necessity and since I am already packing mine, I pack my husband‘s also. (Shhh…it is secretly something I like to do for my husband. I consider it a gesture of my affection.)

So tonight’s gourmet meal is an old stand by…BLT’s with farm fresh green beans.

Day 3 down, 100 days to go!
Day 3 down, 100 days to go!

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