Day 2: Motivation

This experiment isn’t only about saving money and not buying takeout, it’s also about motivation. The motivation for me is to consume less and put more energy into our family so we are not eating fake food. Another personal motivator for me is the fact I gave birth 3 months ago. I am a petite person with a 5”6’ frame weighing 108 lbs at the time of conception. Over the 9 months of my pregnancy I gained within the recommended range of 35-40 lbs based on my pre-pregnancy weight. My weight maxed out at 146 lbs; a 38 lb overall weight gain. I looked great! I felt amazing! I LOVED being pregnant!

Now I am EBF (exclusively breast feeding) so I am literally eating for two. And while taste and food preferences start in utero for babies, your breast milk also takes on flavors of food. The more whole foods I put into my diet, I am hoping to also influence the food preferences of my infant daughter. When I was pregnant I felt that she was influencing my taste and cravings, now I get to introduce my little bean to some of my favorite foods. For some amazing information about the learning and shaping that takes place in utero, check out this Ted Talk by Annie Murphy Paul.

4 thoughts on “Day 2: Motivation

  1. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and have felt better during my pregnancy than I ever felt before I got pregnant, and I completely owe it to incorporating lots of different fruits and veggies into my diet! I juice daily and have replaced many meals with vegetables, and have never felt better.


  2. Congratulations! I have met very few women who seem to also love their pregnancy. The healthier you are during it, the faster you will bounce back after birth. And just think of all of the nutrients your little one is getting 🙂 WIshing you a very healthy baby and happy birthing! You might like the TedTalk I shared a link to – pretty cool stuff!


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