Welcome to 123 days!

Welcome to my blog where over the next 123 days I will document our family experiment. I am a bit of a detail enthusiast so there will be plenty to read. While it may not seem like we are embarking on the world’s toughest challenge, it will take preparation, time, and commitment to prepare three meals a day for the next 123 days at home. Before my daughter was born, I cooked 29 out of every 30 days – every meal. I took pride in my beautiful fluffy Sunday omelets and gluten-free chocolate chip pancakes. I actually enjoy cooking quite a bit but with adding a newborn into our lives (did I mention serious sleep deprivation?), the convenience of takeout has taken over the kitchen. As a family we have considered ourselves quite healthy in our food choices, mostly due to my gluten intolerance and not being able to consume 95% of all fast food (fried foods are out…see ya Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonald’s) and nearly every item on chain restaurant menus. And don’t get me started about ‘food’ sold in a grocery store.
To kick off our official first day of the no takeout challenge, yesterday we celebrated the last day of takeout food for the next 123 days. Thank you to the wonderful Honest Weight Food Co-op for yet another delicious dinner. Until next time…
last takeout


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