The NO Takeout Challenge

Origins of

Est. September 1, 2014

    123 Days in a Nutshell

Welcome to our 123 day “no takeout” challenge! For four consecutive months we are committed to making all of our meals at home. That’s right, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Big deal right? That’s exactly what we are trying to find out – how big of a deal will this be for us. Can we do it? Will we save any money? Will we lose weight? To see our stats check out our By the Numbers page.

    Our Family

We are a small busy family. My husband (Mike) and I have a three-month old baby (Juliet), a Pharaoh Hound (Kiki), a cat (Dolce) and half of each week we have Mike’s eight year old daughter (Ava). My husband and I are both employed full-time and to top it off, my husband also owns and manages a record label  and I serve as the President Elect of a local non-profit organization. Needless to say, sometimes we feel crunched for time.

    Back Story

Before the birth of our daughter on May 28th, we typically dined out or grabbed takeout once per month. Upon the arrival of our precious little bean – takeout became a staple. We have been buying takeout at least two times a week over the last three months, and to be honest, we got takeout four times this past week alone (Monday 8/25 – Chipotle, Tuesday 8/26 – Boston Market for Ava, Honest Weight Coop for Mike & I, Friday 8/29 – Coop, Sunday 8/31 – Coop). And the sad part is that we are members of a wonderful CSA and have not been making the most of our weekly produce. And being that I need to follow a gluten-free diet, I take a risk each time I dine out. Enough is enough. Let the challenge begin.

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