123 Workouts: The Exercise Challenge

Now that we have 123 days of not eating takeout and restaurant food under our belt, we have decided to commence the new year with getting back to the gym like we did before Juliet was born. Our next challenge is 123 days of exercise.

Here is the gist:
We are committing to 123 consecutive days of movement. Since we are not bionic and aches and pains seem to plague my postpartum body, even if we can not commit to a full 30 minute workout (bike, run, elliptical, weight training, swimming), we vow to walk, do yoga, basically MOVE each day.

Additional goal:
As a couple, complete the full 10 weeks of the T25 workout.

Things to measure:
Starting weight plus monthly weigh ins (I am not doing this – I will know I am getting back into shape by how my body and clothes feel)
Miles we complete (monthly)
Daily/monthly total workout time

Wish us luck! Building habit is part of our intentional life (health and wellness included).


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